Things i have learnt since starting my degree.

1. Food does not, repeat NOT, matter as much as internet.

2. You can always afford coffee. Even if your rent is due. Coffee is attainable and affordable.

3. Oh, you didn’t like coffee? Too bad, drink.

4. Your circadian rhythm will lose all reasoning and function.

5. Read the textbook, even if it is just the overview. If you don’t understand the overview (and i promise you, you probably won’t) go back and read the chapter.

6. Learn to love post its and high lighters.

7. Coffee only comes in one size. Large.

8. Be polite in the emails you write to supervisors, tutors and colleagues. Always ALWAYS say thank you, or don’t expect a reply.

9. Double space and write your student ID and name on every assignment. EVERY. ASSIGNMENT.

10. There is always a microwave on campus, somewhere. Utilise it.

11. Do not use direct quotes when you can avoid it, they are just useless and make you sound like you don’t really know what you are talking about.

12. Make at least one friend in each class. You will indefinitely miss a class and tutors don’t like giving out information to students who weren’t in that class (from my experience).


14. Read the suggested reading list. It is full of pure gold.

15. Take advantage of free breakfast, hell take advantage of free anything. Take all the free things.

16. Set 3 morning alarms; make sure *at least* one is out of reach of your arm when laying in bed.

17. Delete Facebook. just get rid of it.

18. Read the unit outline BEFORE going to the first tutorial. BEFORE.

19. Make a study nest, preferably near a computer in your home. (you laugh when i say nest, but believe me when it happens, that is what it looks like.)

20. coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.


twitter: @samiimpossible


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